Our Strengths

Greenloop strives to deliver excellence in research, consulting and conference services. Our most precious asset is our human capacity; our true strength lies in our abilities as a team.

 The Greenloop team is:

  • Multidisciplinary. As a team, we are at the same time biologists, engineers and management specialists. This rather un-conventional set of specialisations is Greenloop’s key strength. 

  • Scientific. Our work approach and methodology ensure a solid scientific foundation. 

  • Practical. Experience in both academic and consultancy work taught us how to design and manage large projects successfully and deliver what we promise.

  • Flexible. Greenloop is a small company; we like to get to know our clients we work with to ensure a smooth and fruitful collaboration. We believe that adaptive capacity is key in running a successful organisation.

  • Experienced. As individuals and as a team we are internationally and nationally experienced in both the academic and business world. 

  • Connected. Thanks to its academic and professional working experience, Greenloop has been able to create a respectable network throughout the world.

  • Optimistic and realistic. We envision a new and better way of organising and running things. Based on our solid R&D in biomimicry we keep both feet on the ground.

  • Multilingual & intergenerational. You pick your language at Greenloop. As a small intergenerational team, we ensure that we benefit from the exchange of experience and don’t miss out on important changes in our environment.