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The team

Gaëtan Dartevelle

Gaetan is CEO, director and co-founder of Greenloop. Within Greenloop, Gaëtan develops and implements strategic guidance for improved environmental management within businesses. Engineer of management and master in Environmental Management, Gaëtan worked many years on economic development projects in several countries. Most recently, he has worked within Group One (responsible economy) where he was in charge of the research and innovation department. In between, he has acquired an extended knowledge in corporate strategy while being the assistant of Prof. Paul Verdin (ULB, KUL, INSEAD). With these many years field experiences, he has provided counselling to companies and public bodies in Belgium, East Europe and Tropical Africa.



Gauthier Chapelle

Gauthier Chapelle is scientific director and co-founder of Greenloop. As biologist, agricultural engineer & former scientific officer at the International Polar Foundation, he was heavily involved in Climate Change education, hence looking for radical & efficient ways of solutions. Following his participation at two seminars given by Janine Benyus, the founder of “Biomimicry”, he decided to create Greenloop, with the help of his friend Rapha√´l Stevens, eco-counsellor and carbon Balance specialist. Gauthier is also naturalist, trained as “Biologist at the Design Table”, associate member of the “Speaker Bureau” of the Biomimicry Institute, and a proud father of 2 boys.

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Sebastiaan de Neubourg

Sebastiaan de NeubourgSebastiaan is innovation consultant at Greenloop. Sebastiaan holds both a master's degree in Business Management from the KU Leuven (BE) and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh, (UK). He has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology (NL).

Sebastiaan conducts interdisciplinary research on methodologies to navigate companies to increased resilience to negotiate disruptive market changes. As consultant he supports impact-driven companies and entrepreneurs in finding innovative ways of solving the planet's problems. Through resilience thinking and biomimicry he contributes to creative and exciting projects that create new, meaningful jobs.


Jean Valayer 

Jean Valayer is director and co-founder of Greenloop, he pilots the innovation management aspects of Biomim-Greenloop. Graduated Engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris in 1961, Jean started his career in R & D, first at the University of Grenoble (Specialty doctorate) where he also taught soil mechanics, then in the oil industry in France. Since then, he has had various management and executive positions in Europe and in the US, in technology, business line and industrial property within the Chemical activity of the Exxon group. His experience includes the global management of the engine testing of Exxon Chemical and responsibilities in strategic licences and patent litigations, management of scientific information and value-marketing innovative products. Jean currently contributes to a biological system simulation with a post-doc from the MIT (USA).


Our ecosystem


Noémie Wouters 

Master Noémie Wouters, age 27, Belgian, is since April 2010, candidate PhD at the Faculty of Science at the University of Lisbonne, Portugal (Dep. of Animal Biology / Oceanographic Centre). Her research is on the resilience of key communities in coastal areas and marine systems. She was employed between May 2009 and March 2010 as trainee at Biomim-Greenloop. SA, Brussels Mast. Wouters contributed to the bio-based carbon sequestration program ( ). While learning about biomimicry applications in this program and others (“when nature inspires sustainability”), she facilitated the cooperation of industrial partners with scientific teams. This included the coordination with a desalination operator in Spain, and the implementation of a bibliographical repository between the four universities of this program (TU Delft, Edinburgh, Lausanne and Granada) and Biomim-Greenloop. 
Noémie is also an active co-partner, together with Dr Chapelle and Dr. Valayer in the development of a project of a high-level multi-disciplinary seminar on a post carbon society and also worked for the International Polar Foundation ( where she provided the coordination services of an educational project, designed to increase the public visibility of the research work carried out in Polar Regions.


Kalina Raskin 

Dr. Kalina Raskin. In charge of scientific development at CEEBIOS
Kalina Raskin is an engineer in physics and chemistry and a PhD in biology. She is currently in charge of the scientific development of the CEEBIOS (Biomimicry* European Center of Excellence of Senlis) where she structures the national network and connects it to international skills, explores transnational research projects, actively participates to biomimicry dissemination to innovation actors and helps implementing dedicated tools for enterprises. She is also editorial consultant for technical journals, follows the ISO TC266 standardization work on biomimetics and joined a group of experts from the European Commission to work on the roadmap for nature based solutions. 

Raphael Stevens

Raphael Stevens is director and co-founder of Greenloop. Graduated both in Business and in Environmental Management, Raphael worked as Environmental Counsellor for the International Polar Foundation (IPF). To respond to the increasing demand of organisations willing to address environmental challenges, he launched his own company in 2006, which was the nucleus to the birth of Greenloop. Certified Bilan Carbone™, he has led company-wide and product-focused carbon management projects for a number of services & industrial companies. Member of the Cross Expert Center on Sustainable Development of the ACC (Belgian Association for Communication Companies), Raphaël is also co-founder and member of the supervisory body of CAmpus ReDesign SCE, an European cooperative providing e-learning courses on sustainability.


Dries Maes

Dries Maes is director and holds Master degrees in Building Engineering Sciences and in European Economic Integration. As a specialist in industrial and HVAC installations, he conducted research work at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), while acquiring a technical experience in energy efficiency for buildings and industry. He led several development projects in Asia an Africa. Proficient at using the GHG Protocol (WRI/WBCSD) methodology,