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Research & Development in Biomimicry and Sustainability

Resilience design principles, innovation & business 

At Greenloop we are continuously developing new tools and methodologies to better help our clients. We select, articulate and operationalize ecosystems functioning principles, in order to help businesses & public bodies become more resilient and sustainable. 

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Conferences & Training




Introductory conferences to biomimicry

Learn more about the potential of biomimicry for innovation and sustainability. During these short conference sessions (30 min to 1h30) you and your audience can learn how the living world serves as an excellent library and example for products, systems and organisational design. Keywords: system thinking, biomimicry, sustainability, resilience, smart product design, collective intelligence and new collaborative business models.   

Strategic Analysis & Resilience Assessment

Assessment and feedback analysis are important for pro-active management. They both are key in successfully running a sustainable organisation.

We found that the health of an organisation depends, as is does for any living complex system, on its ability to assess one’s own status and adjust accordingly. Organisations striving for true sustainability have understood the importance of tuning their antennas to make sense of ever-evolving signals in their direct and indirect environment.

Greenloop helps you to:

  • asses your current sustainability status;

  • identify your goal; 

  • plan your route;

  • analyse your progress.

Innovation & Transition Strategy

Greenloop has created a simple yet powerful methodology and innovative tools to help companies see sustainability as an opportunity.

Derived from life’s design principles, our tools help our clients set a tailored vision on sustainability for their organisations.

This approach thus enables the use and valorization of a large and adapted set of new and existing management tools to be applied with respect to the goals set.

Transition management integrates all of Greenloop's skills and competences, and includes some or all of the following services, depending on the client's needs:

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