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carbon management

Strategic Analysis & Resilience Assessment

Assessment and feedback analysis are important for pro-active management. They both are key in successfully running a sustainable organisation.

We found that the health of an organisation depends, as is does for any living complex system, on its ability to assess one’s own status and adjust accordingly. Organisations striving for true sustainability have understood the importance of tuning their antennas to make sense of ever-evolving signals in their direct and indirect environment.

Greenloop helps you to:

  • asses your current sustainability status;

  • identify your goal; 

  • plan your route;

  • analyse your progress.


System thinking, system innovation

Biomimicry and sustainability are at the centre of research & development

We understand that sustainability is not only a matter of technological innovations to overcome current challenges. Sustainability is founded in the ability of an organisation to be innovative and adapt to an ever changing environment. Innovation at Greenloop consists in translating valuable insights from life sciences to identify and apply optimal organisational conditions for innovation and sustainability.  


Greenloop is a social enterprise; together with our clients we design exciting business opportunities that enhance resilience for the organisation and its ecosystem. Together we co-create more sustainable, innovative and future-proof companies using nature-inspired design principles.

Greenloop works with impact-driven entrepreneurs and companies to create value through development of innovative sustainable solutions.

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