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resilience assessment

Vision & Mission

Greenloop is committed to serve society by reconciling human activities with their natural surroundings, thus preparing society to learn how to adapt, become resilient and ultimately transition to the post-fossil fuel era.

Our vision of sustainability relies on scientifically established principles that are encompassed by biomimicry. By sustainability, we mean and aim at:

  • a paradigm shift from a problem solving to system thinking society

  • becoming and staying compatible with the functioning of the biosphere

  • getting inspired by past and present earth species that have mastered the art of making the most of the resource at reach without jeopardizing the biogeochemical cycles on earth


System thinking, system innovation

Biomimicry and sustainability are at the centre of research & development

We understand that sustainability is not only a matter of technological innovations to overcome current challenges. Sustainability is founded in the ability of an organisation to be innovative and adapt to an ever changing environment. Innovation at Greenloop consists in translating valuable insights from life sciences to identify and apply optimal organisational conditions for innovation and sustainability.  

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