Innovation & Transition Strategy

Greenloop has created a simple yet powerful methodology and innovative tools to help companies see sustainability as an opportunity.

Derived from life’s design principles, our tools help our clients set a tailored vision on sustainability for their organisations.

This approach thus enables the use and valorization of a large and adapted set of new and existing management tools to be applied with respect to the goals set.

Transition management integrates all of Greenloop's skills and competences, and includes some or all of the following services, depending on the client's needs:

  • Eco-sessions:
    - to teach the basics of resilience and biomimicry, in connection to economic issues;
    - to set the appropriate sustainability vision and goal within the company following collaborative methods;

  • Resilience assessment scan;

  • R&D: creation of tailored innovative techniques and management tools for the organisation; 

  • Communication on sustainability: for messages addressed to employees and outside the organisation that remain committed to the truth and positive.

Choosing Greenloop's transition management guidance:

  • Will help the organisation become more resilient to challenges such as raw material cost increase, environmental legislations, market versatility, etc.; 

  • Will help developing collaboration within the organisation, thus employees' motivation and performances;

  • Will improve cost efficiency while reducing the environmental impact of the organisation;

  • Will bring new skills and competencies within the company.