Strategic Analysis & Resilience Assessment

Assessment and feedback analysis are important for pro-active management. They both are key in successfully running a sustainable organisation.
Photo: Lizzie Erwood, 2009

We found that the health of an organisation depends, as is does for any living complex system, on its ability to assess one’s own status and adjust accordingly. Organisations striving for true sustainability have understood the importance of tuning their antennas to make sense of ever-evolving signals in their direct and indirect environment.

Greenloop helps you to:

  • asses your current sustainability status;

  • identify your goal; 

  • plan your route;

  • analyse your progress.

We further guide you for :

  • your future sustainability assessment 

  • and teach you how to gain optimal benefits from adequate feedback analysis.

The dynamics of an organisation and its surroundings resemble in many ways the dynamics and processes of the complex systems found in nature. We translate the remarkable ability of natural systems to self-organise, assess and adjust to a changing & dynamic environment. Learn more

Greenloop has developed several sustainability tools that will help you discover, implement and benefit from the lessons learned from these natural systems.

Assess and analyse

  • the resilience of your organisation; how well do you -as an organisation- prepare and respond to adverse ecological, social & economical changes?

  • the ability of your organisation to benefit from the added value of collaborative relationships;

  • the ability of your organisation to optimise your resource usage (energy & material) and reduce your greenhouse-gas emissions. Starting with assessing the potential eco-efficiency gains from quick wins while building confidence for larger interventions.

  • Carbon emission assessment (Bilan Carbone, ADEME) that serves as a base for strategic sustainability improvements.